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Get checked by our breast health experts

Over 18,000 Australians are diagnosed with breast cancer each year… 82% of women who receive early diagnosis have positive outcomes.


Whether you’ve noticed a lump, a change in your breasts, or just want to check if everything is alright, we’re here to help


Our unique model of integrated care

The Integrated Breast Health Clinic brings together a multidisciplinary team in a unique ‘rapid access’ model, providing patients with fast and easy access to breast physicians, breast surgeons, plastic & reconstructive surgeons, breast care nurses, breast radiologists and pathologists, all at the same location.


The Integrated Breast Health Clinic assesses all breast conditions that cause concern for patients.


You should consider having a breast health check if you:

  • have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer
  • have any breast lumps
  • are experiencing breast pain
  • detect nipple change or discharge
  • experience other symptoms in the breast area
  • or are over 40


Key features include:

  • ability to see urgent requests within a week
  • all services in a single location
  • same day diagnostic services
  • patients review their initial results with their clinician before leaving
  • if suspicious, definitive results given within a week
  • fast-tract referral to one of our breast surgeons if required

Patients, therefore, know on the same day of their appointment if their concern is suspicious or not. All working in the same location, our physicians, surgeons and radiologists talk face-to-face to come up with the best approach for patients, with follow-up communication to GPs.

This service is available at these locations

Miranda Clinic

Ph: 02 9525 2340

What to expect on your first visit

You will see a breast physician who has specialist breast care expertise. We ask that you allow up to three hours for a full assessment, which includes on-site imaging with a dedicated breast radiologist if necessary.


You can expect to receive preliminary test results from your breast physician during this first visit and understand if there are any abnormalities at this stage. If required, the breast physician can fast-track a referral to one of our breast surgeons.


To be assessed at the clinic, you can either self-refer or ask your GP for a referral. In both cases, we will keep your GP informed about your medical condition and ongoing management.


The fee for a routine breast health assessment is $175 – a Medicare rebate of $113.30 can be claimed.  If a fast-track referral to a breast surgeon is required, the initial consultation with the surgeon is included at no extra cost to the patient.

Our allied imaging provider offers bulk-billing for ultrasounds.  The fee for a mammogram is $274.30 of which $174.30 can be claimed back from Medicare. In rare instances, there may be further radiology and/or pathology costs if your particular circumstances require more complex diagnostic tests.

Contact the Integrated Breast Health Clinic

Fill out the details below and one of our friendly staff will contact you shortly to make your booking or answer any questions you may have.

    Location: Suite 2, Level 1
    531-533 Kingsway
    MIRANDA 2228
    T: 02 9525 2340

    Our breast health specialists


    Dr Fiona Long

    Breast Health

    Located at our Miranda clinic


    Dr Nipu Jayatilleke

    Breast & General Surgeon

    Located at our Miranda clinic

    Susannah Head Shots

    Dr Susannah Graham

    Breast & General Surgeon

    Located at our Miranda clinic


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