Skin cancer

Get checked FOR SKIN CANCER.

2 out of 3 Australians will develop a skin cancer in their lifetime.

Early diagnosis saves lives.

We believe you should get immediate access to the best treatment for your skin. So, with the support of NSW Health and the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, we’ve developed the integrated skin cancer clinic, ensuring all skin cancers are treated early and effectively to reduce the risk of further spread.  With a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled skin cancer doctors in a single state-of-the-art facility, patients can expect fast and effective expert care.

Bulk-billed skin checks

Because all appointments are bulk-billed, you can have your skin checked as part of our new integrated skin cancer program with no out-of-pocket costs. Book your appointment now if you:

  • are worried about skin cancer
  • have found a spot on your skin that you need checked
  • have family with a history of skin cancer
  • have spent much time in the sun
  • have ever been significantly sunburned

Immediate follow-up procedures

We take the worry out of follow-up procedures by taking away the wait. Once you have your skin check at our skin cancer clinic, we offer immediate access to skin cancer specialists and pathology on-the-spot. So you’ll get the answers you need quickly, and start skin cancer treatment sooner.

Book now, no referral needed

With no referral required, we’ve made it easy to have your skin checked. Simply make an online booking for a time that suits you or call 02 9525 2340 and one of our friendly staff members will make an appointment for you.

Online bookings are now available at our Miranda clinic.

For urgent appointments, please call our office on 9525 2340 to speak to one of our staff.


The service is proudly supported by the NSW Government and the South Eastern Sydney Area Health Service and is exclusive to Sutherland Shire residents.

Our skin cancer specialists

Dr Saleem Loghdey

Dermatologist and Mohs Surgery

Located at our Miranda and Wollongong clinics

Dr Matthew Gabbott

Skin Cancer

Located at our Miranda clinic

Dr Sarah MacDonald

Skin Cancer

Located at our Miranda clinic

Dr Amanda Cuss

Skin Cancer + Breast Health

Located at our Miranda clinics

Dr Martin Jaffe

Skin Cancer

Located at our Miranda clinic

Dr Phil Dwyer

Skin Cancer

Located at our Miranda clinic

Dr Thalia Thung


Located at our Miranda clinic

The ISHC difference

Better healthcare.

At the lowest cost possible.

All our services are offered at little or no out-of-pocket cost, so you don’t have to worry about huge bills.

Better healthcare.

Connected and convenient for you.

We have our GPs, GP+s, specialist physicians and surgeons all housed within the same clinic. No waiting times and instant referral to a specialist if you need it – at little or no cost. You’ll also find access to the best diagnostic and healing technologies on site. So you can feel assured that everyone is on the same page when it comes to finding the best solution for your healthcare at ISHC.

Better healthcare.

Because you’re in the best hands.

Our specialists are globally recognised for their ground-breaking research. And that research gets applied to clinical practice and surgical procedures, so our patients have access to the best and most current medical care. At Integrated Specialist Healthcare, we call this translational care – where innovation and the latest proven treatments are brought to our patients – for proven benefit. We set the standard for other medical practitioners to follow.

Better healthcare.

Without the red tape.

We’ve partnered with governments and industry bodies to cut out the red tape. All you have to do is to bring your Medicare card, and in most cases, that’s all you’ll need to access to the best healthcare.

Better healthcare.

For today and tomorrow.

We’ve established the not-for-profit ISHC Education and Research Foundation. We invest directly back into research, technology and education – so that we can apply the knowledge we learn today, and continue to make improvements in healthcare – for a better tomorrow for all Australians.


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