Breast Implant Check

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Time for your breast implant check-up?


The latest evidence sugests that women with breast implants should receive regular lifelong check-ups.


At the Integrated Breast Implant Check Clinic your health is our priority. We offer comprehensive breast implant check-ups, imaging services and specialist consultations all under one roof.


Why annual check-ups are important?
Breast implants are medical devices. By getting checked regularly, you can avoid complications from a range of problems – including rupture, leak, capsular contracture and a rare breast-implant-related lymphoma. Some of these problems can take years to show and, in some cases, the risk increases over time.


Our service is fast, convenient, inexpensive and you don’t need a referral.

What happens at your check-up appointment?

Our breast physician will conduct a thorough assessment of your breast implants and, if required, provide you access to a no cost ultrasound on the same day. If a surgical correction is required, such as an explant or replacement of implants, a fast-track referral to one of our plastic & reconstructive surgeons will be provided at no further cost to you.


Contact the Integrated Breast Implant Check Clinic

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    Location: Suite 2, Level 1
    531-533 Kingsway
    MIRANDA 2228
    T: 02 9525 2340


    The fee for a routine breast implant check is $175 – a Medicare rebate of $113.30 can be claimed.  If a fast-track referral to a plastic & reconstructive surgeon is required, the initial consultation with the surgeon is included at no extra cost to the patient. Our allied imaging provider offers our patients bulk-billing for ultrasounds.



    What you should consider if you are getting breast implants?
    Getting breast implants is an important decision and you should ensure that you find an appropriately qualified surgeon. Our expert plastic and reconstructive surgeons are fully credentialed and have over eight years of specialised training in plastic and reconstructive surgery. As well as breast implant checks, our services also include breast reduction, breast reconstruction and breast augmentation.

    Our breast implant check specialists

    Dr Fiona Long

    Breast Health

    Located at our Miranda clinic

    Prof. Anand Deva

    Cosmetic & plastic surgery

    Located at our Miranda and Macquarie University clinics

    MUH_050620_PORTRAIT_042 copy

    Dr Anthony Barker

    Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

    Located at our Miranda, Wollongong and Macquarie University clinics

    Dr Sepehr Lajevardi

    Cosmetic & Plastic surgery

    Located at our Macquarie University and Westmead clinics


    Dr Nipu Jayatilleke

    Breast & General Surgeon

    Located at Miranda clinic

    Susannah Head Shots

    Dr Susannah Graham

    Breast & General Surgeon

    Located at Miranda clinic


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