About us

We’re here to help you get more accessible, better quality healthcare.

Sometimes, if you’ve got a health issue, you can feel like you’re being bounced around in the healthcare system. Running from GP to specialist and back again, at considerable time and cost to you. Always with a niggling feeling that you might not be getting the best healthcare services – because with that kind of system, something will fall through the cracks.


We’re here to change the face of healthcare services. We connect GPs, specialists and surgeons and bring them all under the same roof. So when you walk into any of our medical clinics around NSW – be it at Miranda, Wollongong, Macquarie University or one of our other clinics opening near you – you’ll know that your practitioners know your story, and together, they are serving you, the patient. What’s more, it’s all affordable because we believe that quality healthcare should be accessible to all.


How do we do this? We’ve been busy hand-selecting the very best doctors and specialists who believe in offering a better standard of healthcare services. We’ve been working with governments and industry bodies to cut through the red tape. And we’ve established the not-for-profit ISHC Education and Research Foundation, so that we’re continually re-investing our funds into medical research, technology and innovative programs to make healthcare better.


Some might say it’s revolutionary. But to us, this is just how healthcare should be. Easy. Affordable. And of the highest standard. All with the goal of helping you restore, achieve and maintain your very best health.

Our values

Everything we do is guided by our values. We believe in:


We’re always asking; how can we do things better? How can we streamline our patients’ journey? How can we do the best for our patients, today and in the future? We ask the questions, and seek to constantly improve.


We’re passionate about health, pure and simple. Our motivation is improving the health of our patients through honest and ethical practice. In other words, what we say, we mean, and what we say, we do. We’re proud of our academic achievements and track record of delivering on our promises. And we are committed to supporting our patients and partners and providing excellence in healthcare.


We’re here to serve our patients. And that means making our service accessible for everyone. We believe in affordable access to quality healthcare, and we do everything we can to make sure that happens. For us, it’s about giving, without expecting a return.


We believe in bringing people together to create a solution. That’s why everything we do is centred around connection. We connect government bodies to industry organisations to find ways to bring better healthcare to you.

Our areas of care

Allergy & Immunology

Bariatric Surgery

Breast Health

Breast Implant Check

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery


Hand Surgery

Hip and Knee

MOHS Surgery

Orthopaedic Surgery

Skin Cancer

Weight Management

Wound management

Our people

GPs and GP+ doctors

Our GPs (general practitioners) and GP+ doctors are usually your first point of contact when it comes to your health. They coordinate your care in the short and long term, working with specialists and surgeons to help restore and maintain your heath.


Our GP+ doctors (also known as GP+ sub-specialists) are GPs who have completed advanced training at the ISHC to provide an even higher level of care.


We do things a little differently. We have integrated a number of different medical specialists to help coordinate your treatment at Integrated Specialist Healthcare. And with multiple specialists on site, we can offer the most appropriate and timely treatment for you and tailor your treatment to what you need best.

Support staff

Quality care starts long before you see a doctor. That’s why we’re supported by a team of nursing and administrative staff who are committed to the concept of integrated care. This means helping you access all our services easily and quickly to deliver you the highest level of care.

About ISHC Education and Research Foundation


At the Integrated Specialist Healthcare Research and Education Foundation (ISHCERF), we invest in research, technology and education and support the development of innovative models of integrated care in Australia.
Our aim is to improve healthcare services through education and by better linking hospital, specialist, GP and diagnostic services. It’s our way of giving back without expecting a return; just a better and fairer system of healthcare.