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We’re committed to providing quality health care for our patients. So we’ve put together this handy list of FAQs to guide you through process.

General questions

How do I make an appointment?


You can make an appointment by calling our clinics, or by booking online.

What’s a GP+?


Our GP+ doctors (also known as GP+ sub-specialists) are GPs who have completed advanced training run by the Integrated Specialist Healthcare Research and Education Foundation (ISHCERF) to provide an even higher level of care.

Questions about your surgery

Are the doctors fully qualified and trained in the procedure?


You can feel confident that the person performing your procedure has the knowledge and skill to make it a success. All our surgeons are very experienced, fully qualified, accredited and have performed these procedures for many years. For specific information about their credentials, read more about our Specialists.

What are the risks and side effects of this procedure?


While the risks involved in most procedures are minimal, there are always some risks. We believe in honesty – potential complications will be discussed before the procedure is scheduled.

What results can I expect?


While our practitioners are highly skilled at what they do, the state of your condition as well as your age and health affect the outcome. Our specialists will typically you what to expect after examining you and gathering a medical history. They also can tell you if the procedure will deliver the desired results and if it’s appropriate for you. Often, a combination of techniques provides the best results.

Who performs the consultation, surgery and follow up visits?


We have a care philosophy of serving our patients. Our specialists personally perform a thorough preoperative evaluation – often seeing patients twice before the procedure – and personally perform the procedure and the follow up postoperative visits.

What is the right procedure for me?


Sometimes when we’re talking to our patients, we find that they are undecided about the procedure they want to have. It comes down to doing your research, talking to your specialists and working out the best option for you. To help you do this, we schedule a very long initial consultation. This gives us the time to understand your motivations and to discuss your health goals. We also encourage being prepared with questions.

Questions about your cosmetic surgery

Where will the procedure be performed?


Major cosmetic procedures can now only be performed in licensed premises in NSW.


Some procedures such as facelifts, breast reconstruction or tummy tucks require a short stay in hospital. We typically operate at the following hospitals: Kareena Private Hospital, Kingsway Day surgery, Eastern Suburbs Day Surgery, Hurstville Community hospital, Macquarie University Hospital and St George Private Hospital.

Does my age or health affect my ability to undergo cosmetic surgery?


Your chronological age is no barrier to surgery necessarily. It is more about your physical health. With any surgical procedure involving an anaesthetic, the risk goes up if you have a chronic heart condition, kidney problems or poorly controlled diabetes. Being a smoker is also a problem as healing process is slower.


This is one of the reasons why you need to have a consultation before you decide to go ahead with any procedure. During your consultation, your doctor will assess your risk and make sure surgery is a safe option for you.

What follow up care is included?


Follow-up care is an important part of cosmetic surgical procedures. Follow up for 6 weeks is included in your surgical fee. Subsequent follow up visits may attract a fee but are also medicare rebatable with a referral from your doctor.

How much time will I need to take off work?


This will vary – it depends on both the procedure and on your individual recovery rate. For a small procedure, such as an eyelid lift, the time off work would be no more than a week For a more major procedure, such as a general facelift or breast reconstruction, the time off work would vary between two and three weeks.

Have any questions that aren’t covered here? Call our clinics, we’d love to help.