Prof David Gillatt

Prostate and Robotic Surgery



Professor David Gillatt is a world-leading prostate and robotic surgeon, and has performed more than 2,000 complex resections for prostate cancer. He also has expertise in the discovery and optimisation of biomarkers for early prostate cancer diagnosis and prognosis, and in the effect of ketamine abuse on bladder function.


He established the Prostate Cancer Care and Research Centre in the UK, gaining a national and international reputation as one of the foremost research organisations for urology in the UK. It integrates teaching, research and clinical practice in urology. He is also the Professor of Urology and Robotic Surgery and the Director of Medical Services at Macquarie University.


Dr Gillatt is located at our Waratah and Macquarie University clinics.



Selected Publications

A prospective cohort and extended comprehensive-cohort design provided insights about the generalizability of a pragmatic trial: the ProtecT prostate cancer trial


Mortality among men with advanced prostate cancer excluded from the ProtecT trial


Hyperglycaemia-induced resistance to Docetaxel is negated by metformin: a role for IGFBP-2

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