Announcing the launch of Australia’s first Breast Implant Check Clinic

6 September 2018

We’re pleased to share with you that breast implant screening is now available at the Integrated Breast Implant Check Clinic at Macquarie. You’ll have a private consultation with an experienced doctor – and access to an ultrasound scan – with your out-of-pocket costs less than $50.


At Integrated Specialist Healthcare, we’re completely devoted to providing the very best care. And the safety of breast implant surgery is something that we’ve been concerned about for a very long time. Breast implants have been associated with a range of problems – including rupture, leak, and capsular contracture and a rare breast implant related lymphoma. You can read about the history of breast implants, in a recent paper published by the ISHC Research and Education Foundation here.


And the risk increases with time – recent research suggests that women with breast implants should receive lifelong check-ups. Often, women receive check-ups with their surgeon for a few years after their surgery, and then not at all. Women should be checked regularly, and the Integrated Breast Health Clinic helps women access this service conveniently, and at a low cost.


The Integrated Breast Implant Check Clinic also provides a safe environment for women who are concerned about their recent surgery. Unfortunately, breast implant surgery isn’t properly regulated, and some women experience poorly performed surgery – with serious consequences. In this case, going back to the surgeon isn’t a safe option. The Integrated Breast Implant Check Clinic provides a safe, confidential and comfortable environment.



I’m concerned about my breast implants. What should I do?


1. Contact your original surgeon
We recommend that you contact the surgeon that placed your implants. Your surgeon will have all the relevant details for your procedure and will be the best person to perform an examination and/or organise further investigations if required.


2. Have a no-gap breast implant assessment
The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery have a list of members who have agreed to provide no-gap consultation for breast implant assessment. Click here for the list.


3. Book in at the Integrated Breast Implant Check Clinic. 
No matter who your surgeon was, you can book in for your annual check at the Integrated Breast Health Clinic at Macquarie, which will cost you a maximum of $50.



I’ve made an appointment at the Integrated Breast Implant Check Clinic. What can I expect to happen ?


We’re here to help you feel as comfortable as possible. We’ve created a safe and comfortable environment, with skilled doctors and world-class facilities.


When you come for an appointment, a routine breast implant check usually takes about 45 minutes. However, depending on your condition, the consultation may take longer if our doctor feels a more extensive examination is required.


If required, you can also have an ultrasound scan on the same day at the Macquarie Medical Imaging, which is in our building.



Do I need a referral from my doctor?


No, you don’t need a referral.



What does it cost?


A routine breast implant check incurs a $110 fee, of which $61 can be claimed back from Medicare. Your out-of-pocket cost is limited to less than $50. If a doctor feels an ultrasound scan is required, we’ll arrange that for you, and the cost will be bulk-billed – that is, at no extra cost to you. We can process your rebate from Medicare on the day of your consultation and have them transfer the funds into your nominated account.



Is there anything else I need to know?


In advance of your booking, we’d like you to complete a and email it back to us, or bring it with you on the day of your appointment. If you forget, it’s no problem – just arrive to your appointment a little early and you can fill it out then.